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The Human Resources Outsourcing Service Provider of Choice
The Human Resources Outsourcing Service Provider of Choice
Alka Walia
Sales Account Manager

Business Functions are evolving rapidly, and Human Resources are no exception. According to Forbes, more than 50% of the large organizations are now outsourcing some or all of their HR functions! Organizations that outsource HR functions receive not only the advantage of supporting the company's bottom-line, but also benefit of working with a service which has expertise and know-how of the dynamics’ of labor laws, regulations etc..., create greater efficiencies and help to manage employee performance and development.

With its vast Experience : both in local and regional markets, State - of the - Art Technology and infrastructure, and diversified industrial knowledge, Xceed holds a strong position in the Outsourcing Market in this region. With its expertise, it also is the best choice for the HR executives like HR Chief Officers, Directors and Managers to perform their Transactional, and some Analytical Functions.

It's a comprehensive Human Resources Portfolio of Services ranging from Hire-to-Retire, Assessment, Performance Management System, Organization Structure and Grading System, Learning & Development. and Payroll & Benefits Management.

An organization decides to outsource one or some of its HR functions, looking for Value in terms of Quality, Consistency and Control. While selecting the HR Outsourcing Partner, the following 5 factors should be considered:

1.      Best Practices. The Outsourcer’s Functional Experience and Industrial knowledge is its most important asset. Xceed possesses an exceptionally performing and highly knowledgeable team. It also, has a wealth of in-depth and diversified industrial knowledge
2.      Scalability. Many HR functions such as Payroll, Recruitment, Performance Appraisal, are seasonal. With our abundant HRO Organization, we seamlessly cater for the Ramping-up and down needs of our client; this gives them the needed competitive edge in Flexibility and Cost Efficiency
3.      Access to Cutting Edge Technology. We continuously invest in our Infrastructure and Technology Applications, in order to provide high satisfaction to our clients’ needs for Functionality, Availability, Continuity, Remote Access, and Security
4.      Data Security. Instead of adopting sophisticated data security standards, an organization can simply benefit from its Service Provider’s Security Compliance. Being certified for ISO 27001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and BSI , ensures that the data is treated with high Confidentiality and Availability
5.      Compliance and Risk Management. When you get your HR functions as a service from an outsourcing partner, you should be conscious that everything is compliant with local laws and generally accepted standards. In Xceed, we confirm that all legal documents and numeric controls are compliant to the latest state, federal and local regulations , as applicable
6.       Customized solutions. Its critical that the service provider has a deep understanding of client’s needs and culture. Using our strong client relation management and HR + Legal expertise , we cater to the client’s well-studied needs by providing  tailor-made and customized HRO solutions

It brings us immense pride to see the high levels of client’s satisfaction with our services that results in our client’s loyalty. Xceed adopts a stringent Client Relationship Management methodology, which keeps the HR team in charge, no matter how many HR processes are being performed from Xceed.

Join us and reap the benefits of our association.